Crafting studio based enterprises.

An enduring and recurrent project within my practice is focused on limited production techniques to produce both one off and edition objects. This investigation is motivated by the desire to identify working methods that are suitable to establish  viable studio practice in both a creative and commercial sense. The objects below are examples of products, one off works, editions and prototypes that are the outcome of this ongoing inquiry.

Portbag  Clutch

Portbag Clutch

Clutch Is a one-off small purse produced entirely by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques. The body of this object began as a circular aluminum extrusion. This was hammered into a profile featuring curves and creases that one typically associates with leather which we commonly associate with accessories. The contents of the clutch are visible through clear lens like closures at either end.


Portbag: Night Porter

Night Porter is a seductive and surprising object that features a unique slide and swivel closure mechanism. The user enjoys the subtle contrast of material, considered proportions and form when interacting with the piece. All components in this piece are handmade using traditional silversmiting techniques.


Portbag: Ladys-bag

Ladies Bag features a unique closure mechanism that uses the handle as a rail to both locate and secure the closure 'puk' in place. The body of the object was created by tapering a circular aluminium extrusion at either end prior to being hammered into a rounded triangular profile you see above. The surface was then replenished smooth before hand finishing and fitting the additional components.

Portbag  Fastback

Portbag Fastback

Fast Back is a small wallet like port that features a spring button mechanism to fasten the cap to the body of the container. The components integrate beautifully in this piece through the satisfying use of line and curve

Portbag:  Hand bag

Portbag: Hand bag

Hand Bag is effectively the penultimate work in this series and lays down the blueprint for the Press Bag that follows. This work is produced by hand and incorporates many of the best attributes drawn from the prior examples in balance with a number of technical constraints necessary to consider in developing a limited production object.

Portbag  Press Bag

Portbag Press Bag

Press Bag is the final in the series of works and unlike the previous works - that were all produced by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques - is produced using tooling developed specifically for a 100 ton press. The tooling was engineered and produced by hand in the studio, enabling multiples of the objects to be produced in limited editions.