Academic Publications

2013  Article: Domestic Renewal: Resetting the table and repairing the domestic. Interiors Journal, Bloomburg publishing UK. ISSN:2041-9112

2013   Journal: Fusion Journal. Issue 2: "The limits of virtuality", Co-editor ISSN 2201-7208

2012   Paper: Crafting Innovative Enterprises, , IATED 2012, ISBN: 978-84-615-5563-5 pp. 2515-2522.

2012   Catalogue: Domestic Renewal; a table reset. ISBN; 9780731530755

2011    Article: Analogue to Digital, Craft Australia online Issue #63 April 2011, p.7

2009  Thesis: Crafting Designs on Wealth: A sustainable model of studio craft and
design practice in the Australian context
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Print Media & interviews

2013   Review: IndesignLive

2013   Review: Australian Design Review

2010   Interview: Rohan Nicol; Jewewllery Objects, lighting. Craft Australia E news issue #56

2010   Feature: LUCELUX. Australian Design Unit. Author Ewen McEoin.

2010   Feature: LUCELUX - A design business case study. Published by UTS CIIC

2010   Profile: Bright Future - Vogue Living. Jan' edition

2010   Profile: The Gin Game  - URBIS April

2010   Profile: Design edge - IL Tridente: Maserati Magazine Australia



The first prototype of Rohan Nicol’s Peppered Sunlight for Lucelux was filmed during the stages of its manufacture at the Precision Signs factory in Wagga Wagga in August 2009. The film aims to capture the skills and process of making, and the very hands on collaboration between designer Rohan Nicol, and manufacturer Precision Signs. Credit: Filming and production by video artist Sam James.

We interviewed five of the artists contributing to the Prototype exhibition now showing at The Jamfactory in Adelaide. Here, designers talk about the prototyping process and the evolution of their creative vision through to a prototype, ready for the next stage of manufacture. The exhibition provides a fascinating look into the prototyping journey and gives us the opportunity to inspect some of these amazing works up close and in person. Prototyping: Making Ideas is exhibiting in GalleryOne at The JamFactory, 19 Morphett Street, Adelaide from 3 September to 23 October 2011. Rohan Nicol Bjorn Rust Simone LeAmon illumini Mandi King Karen Cunningham

Domestic Renewal proposes new ways of viewing materials, as well as new ways of viewing ourselves and our social transformation. Works represent a blueprint or prototype for how we can improve the way in which domestic or urban environments are planned and perceived. Artists: Alex Asch, Richard Blackwell, Norman Cherry, Ann Cleary, Guy Keulemans, Sarah K, Bridie Lander, Gini Lee, Rohan Nicol, Sabine Pagan, Mel Robson, Liane Rossler, Wayne Simons, Kenji Uranishi, Jason Wade, Henry Wilson. Curator: Rohan Nicol Showing        2 August – 31 August 2013